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5th Avenue 5th Avenue
This nostalgic candy bar features crunchy peanut butter in a rich, chocolaty coating. Introduced in 1936 by William H. Luden (known for his throat drops), 5th Avenue was produced for military consumption during World War II.

Price: $1.29

Sorry, we are currently out of this item.
Aero Mint Aero Mint
Feel the bubbles melt in your mouth!
A peppermint chocolate center surrounded by milk chocolate. A favorite of many, brought in from Canada.

Price: $1.99

Black Cow Black Cow
After a 25 year hiatus, Black Cow candy is back! Black Cow was originally a Slo Poke caramel dipped in chocolate, but the new version is a firmer caramel with real chocolate flavoring, similar to a much-richer Tootsie Roll.

Price: $1.29

Caramel Bun Bar Caramel Bun Bar
This old-fashioned treat harks back to the 50's and consists of a creamy caramel center covered with milk chocolate and fresh Virginia peanuts. Made by Pearson's Candy, which has been in the candy making business for over 90 years.

Price: $1.39

Sorry, we are currently out of this item.
Chunky Bar Chunky Bar
This Nestle treat consists of milk chocolate, peanuts, and raisins in a trapezoidal shape. Rumor has it the candy was originally produced in a pyramid shape, but packaging difficulties caused the top to be cut off, creating the trapezoidal shape. Introduced in the 30's in New York City.

Price: $1.39

Clark Bar Clark Bar
The Clark Bar has gone all natural, with delicious results! This bar contains the real milk chocolate and real peanut butter crunch of its original formula for an authentic taste that trumps other peanut butter flake candy bars.

Price: $1.29

Coffee Crisp Coffee Crisp
"Coffee Crisp makes a nice light snack."
This bar is a combination of coffee cream and cookie wafers with a milk chocolate coating.
A Canadian favorite that is often hard to find in the US!
Since 1938.

Price: $1.99

Sorry, we are currently out of this item.
Chocolate Cow Tales Cow Tales - Chocolate
Chewy chocolate caramel with a cream center. Yummy!

Price: $0.50

Cup-o-Gold Cup-o-Gold
Sometimes referred to as the West Coast's answer to the Mallo Cup, this San Francisco treat is a rich milk chocolate cup with a creamy smooth center and almonds and coconut. A popular treat during the 50's, 60's, and 70's.

Price: $1.39

Sorry, we are currently out of this item.
Curly Wurly Curly Wurly
Braided milk chocolate with a caramel center that will remind you of the (now discontinued) Marathon Bar.
From the UK

Price: $1.59

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#1 Cow Tales - Chocolate - Chewy chocolate caramel with a cream center. Yummy!

#2 Valomilk - "The Original Flowing Center Candy Cup"
This treat features creamy, flowing marshmallow in two milk chocolate cups. Valomilk candy is still made the way candy used to be made: by hand, one batch at a time. Sifers still uses the original family recipe to make this truly old-fashioned treat.
Try freezing it before eating it for an extra special treat.
Since 1931.

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