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#1 Dublin Dr Pepper - We found some more, will be back in stock soon!!!

8 oz.
This Dr Pepper is made only in Dublin, Texas using a special recipe that features imperial cane sugar as the sweetener.
Since 1891.

Sweetened with imperial cane sugar.

*Yes, this is the ORIGINAL Dublin Dr Pepper - we were able to bring some more in from secondary sources, but stock is very limited. We will put this into "out of stock" status as soon as our supply runs out.

#2 Moxie Elixir - 12 oz.
The oldest continuously produced soft drink in the U.S., Moxie has been "Distinctively Different" since 1884. Originally known as a nerve food, legend has it that Moxie is an aid to digestion and a cure-all for nervousness, insomnia, and exhaustion. Made with Gentian root.

Sweetened with cane sugar.

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