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#1 Frostop Root Beer - 12 oz.
"Nothing tops it...but the foam."
This premium root beer is rich in flavor and is still made in small batches from their original formula of various barks, herbs, and berries. This old-fashioned soda offers a taste that is reminiscent of drive-in root beers from the 1950s.
Since 1926.

Sweetened with corn syrup, pure cane sugar.

#2 A&W Root Beer - 12 oz.
After success with a drink stand selling root beer during a 1919 parade, Roy Allen decided to take on Frank Wright as a partner, and in 1922 Allen and Wright combined their initials to name the beverage A&W Root Beer. This old time favorite offers a perfect blend of carbonation and sweet for a full-bodied flavor.

Sweetened with sugar.


mult12-Baumeister_Rootbeer.jpg Baumeister Root Beer
12 oz.
In 1907, Heine Baumeister tapped into an artesian well to ensure the purest of water quality and began producing several brands of soda that he proudly put his family name on. Today, Baumeister Soda is made and bottled by Lakeshore Bottling of Wisconsin in the same local tradition that many generations have enjoyed. Baumeister Root Beer is a high-quality drink with traditional notes of wintergreen and licorice. Baumeister Soda is caffeine free.

Sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup and/or sugar.

mult454-Dang_ButterscotchRootBeer.jpg Dang! That's Good Butterscotch Root Beer
12 oz.
A deliciously sweet root beer with a warm butterscotch flavor. This soda was one of the favorite root beers of our kiosk employees.

Sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup.

mult455-Dang_DietRootBeer.jpg Dang! That's Good Diet Root Beer
12 oz.
A mildly toned-down version of the original Dang! That's Good Root Beer, this drink maintains the light carbonation and taste of the Dang! soda line-up.

Sweetened with aspartame.

mult456-Dang_RootBeer.jpg Dang! That's Good Root Beer
12 oz.
This root beer has a very light carbonation that allows its sweetness to take center stage. A solid drink that works as a good transition from mainstream to gourmet root beer brands.

Sweetened with sugar.


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