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White Rock Organics Passion Orange
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White Rock Organics Passion Orange
12 oz.
Purity awaits you with White Rock Organics, a line of caffeine-free sodas brewed using natural fruit extracts and organic pure cane sugar. Containing no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, or preservatives, this beverage offers a refreshing fruit taste that you can feel good about drinking. The mix of passion fruit and orange works well in this soda, lending it a fresh-pulp flavor with only mild carbonation. This is a lighter soda without any harshness or too much intensity of flavor, making it a refreshing drink perfect for an afternoon treat.

Sweetened with organic cane sugar.

When It's Gone, It's Gone for Good - only 13 bottles available as of 03/04/13

Price: $1.99
Sorry, we don't carry this item any more.
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