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Facts to know about Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is a major iconic attraction in San Francisco. Since its opening in 1937, it instantly became a favorite symbol of San Francisco and an architectural icon around the world. The bridge is crossed by more than 10 million people each year. There are probably interesting facts about the bridge that you don’t know.

The Colour of the Bridge

Most visitors always wonder why the color of the bridge is not as golden as the name suggests. Some expect it to be actually made from gold while others at least expect it to be gold painted. The color of the

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge

the bridge is international orange. It is a color variation that is today used for many astronaut jumpsuits. The signature color of the bridge was not intended to be permanent. The steel that arrived for its construction was coated in orange and burnt red primer shade. This was found not only to blend best with the surrounding topography but also was visible in the fog. It became a beautiful accident.

The biggest threat to the bridge was from a party

Many people believed that it was not possible for a bridge to cross the wide strait. Especially putting the corrosive fogs, earthquake threats, obstacles of tides, and winds into consideration. However, over the period, the biggest threat the bridge faced was its 50th birthday party. At the time, over 300,000 people crossed it which was for many people than it was expected. The large population of pedestrians caused the bridge to flatten but luckily it wasn’t stressed.

A suicide spot

The pedestrian crossing lane on the bridge has a relatively low barrier which was shrugged off by Strauss. Unfortunately, the bridge has become a popular spot for suicides. Since its inception, more than 1,600 people have jumped off the bridge. Although more than 30 of those who jumped off survived, the bridge is still the most popular suicide spot in the world. The bridge has crisis counseling telephones which are connected to suicide prevention counselors. It is hoped that adding nets under the span will help deter those considering suicides.

Impressive safety record during construction

In the 1930s, construction projects for high-steel bridges expected one fatality per $1 million spent. Going by those records, the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge which cost $35 million would have expected more fatalities. However, due to the safety standards observed during the construction, only 11 construction workers were lost. On the contrary, during the construction of the Oakland Bay Bridge, 28 workers died. The chief engineer for the Golden Gate Bridge construction put safety as a priority. He used a safety net that was suspended under the bridge, which ended up saving 19 lives.

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