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8-pk Baumeister Soda Sampler
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8-pack Baumeister Soda Sampler
In 1907, Heine Baumeister tapped into an artesian well to ensure the purest of water quality and began producing several brands of soda that he proudly put his family name on. Today, Baumeister Soda is made and bottled by Lakeshore Bottling of Wisconsin in the same local tradition that many generations have enjoyed. Baumeister Soda is caffeine free. This sampler pack makes a great gift or personal treat for those wishing to sample the entire line of Baumeister sodas. Includes two bottles of each Baumeister flavor: Root Beer, Cherry, Orange, and Cream.

*Please note: in order to ship this sampler, the sodas must be removed from the package, and the cardboard box will be folded in half. The box WILL be included, but it will have a crease in it due to the fold.

Price: $9.99

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